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Become a Bridlington Health Forum Member

As a member you will be invited to the yearly AGM to vote and elect trustees etc. You can also use this form to express your willingness to actively support BHF with meetings, events, raising funds, admin or other related knowledge and skills you think would be useful to the group.

Please note that by completing this form you are giving permission for your name and email address to be stored electronically on a secure computer. If you return this form by email, you are permitting BHF Officers to store all the data listed on this form on a secure computer. If you return this form by post (see downloadable documents bottom of page), we will only store your name and email address on a computer and we will keep your paper membership form secure.


BHF Officers will not share your details with anyone, other than the Trustees and Officers of BHF, without your permission.

Level of engagement with the forum?
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Bridlington Health Forum

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