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8. 1½ million miles travel to Outpatient Clinic Appointments

Centralisation of services away from coastal communities results in inequality of access

Data Source: From Freedom of Information Requests Data Source Date 2021-2022

All data in this insight has been provided by York Trusts Information Governance Team

Pre-Covid Data, 2019-20,

Following the outbreak of Covid in 2020, NHS England cancelled all non-urgent appointments

Since then, no year has been “normal” so our focus has been pre-Covid April 2019 to March 2020

All appointment volumes detailed relate to Bridlington (YO16, 16) and Driffield (YO25) patients only

2019-20, over 92,000 Outpatient appointments offered to Bridlington and Driffield patients

Of these, half were offered at distant hospitals requiring patients (many elderly) to travel further

Attendance rates varied with travel, the best attendance being at Bridlington, the worst at Malton

Only 78% of patients attended at Scarborough Hospital, 77% at York and 74% at Malton.

Over 10,000 patients - almost 1 in every 4 - were unable to attend distant appointments offered

For those patients able to afford and arrange transport this added 1½ million miles extra travel

Appointments offered at Malton Hospital increasingly rise year-on-year

Travel to Malton is particularly difficult because there is NO viable public transport from Bridlington

The only option is a return Taxi which, costing around £115, is unaffordable for most patients

Despite the problems detailed, York Trust increasingly transfers Bridlington appointments to Malton

The graph above shows…

Huge increases in the number of appointments centralised to Malton between 2018 to March 2022

2020-21 to 2021-2022 UROLOGY Appointments offered to Bridlington and Driffield patients

Data Source: BHF 30 June Delegate e-Pack Data Source Date July 2022

Latest data shows that at Bridlington 90% appointments were kept, but only 73% at Malton

Within its Constitution the NHS pledges convenient, easy access to services

Patients needing to make long, £115 Taxi journeys is not easy or convenient

Failure to restore equality of access is a failure of fairness and social justice


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