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1. Big Changes are affecting the NHS - ICS and PCN’s

The NHS is changing - here’s how, and how this will affect YOU

Today’s National Health Service is a hugely complex organisation

Quick look back...

From 2012 the “Lansley reforms” introduced fragmentation and competition between NHS Trusts. For example, instead of working together, Hull and York Hospital Trusts competed

For patients, this has created confusing barriers for them to get the “joined-up” care they deserve.

Looking forward from now - 2022 Health and Care Act

Under the new act, structural barriers creating competitive NHS “Silos” are removed and replaced.

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) have been introduced with the key objectives of

  • Improving outcomes in population health and health care (see Insight: Long Term Conditions)

  • Tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience, and access (see Insight: Hospital Locations)

  • Enhancing productivity & value for money (see Insights Outpatient Clinics & Value for Money)

  • Helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development.

For more detail on now these changes will affect YOU please view these short videos

Integrated Care Systems (5 minutes)

Primary Care Networks (3 minutes)

Why this REALLY matters

NHS services - and how near and easy they are for YOU to use - are changing.

Bridlington Health Forum sees this is an opportunity to improve LOCAL care.

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