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  • Maria Bowtell

BHF know Your Health Matters

Free Health and Wellbeing Checks for all ages. 

February often coincides with people deciding that as Spring approaches, it’s a great time to get fitter and healthier. If this applies to you, we have some fantastic news, that both the Bridlington Central Library and Bridlington North Library are offering free Health Checks using the BodiTrax machines.

The BodiTrax machines measure 15 aspects of health and with trained support helps you move towards a healthy and fitter you. 

You can get an appointment by calling in or phoning the most convenient Library for you. The initial appointment takes about 30 minutes, which includes a lifestyle check. After using BodiTrax the trained staff member will confidently discuss the results set targets if you want or signpost you if any additional help or support is required.

The follow up appointments are 6 weeks apart and normally take between 5-10 minutes to complete. If you would prefer a male or female trained member of staff then this is an option is available at both sites. 

Both libraries also offer free NHS health checks including blood pressure monitoring once a month. Watch out for their next session. Both of these are wonderful opportunities to have some free and easy access Health Checks with support. 

Telephone numbers for the libraries are: 

Central Library 01262 672917

North Library 01262 671468


Bridlington Health Forum are supporting a project with East Riding Of Yorkshire Councils Public Health department and many local schools. They are interested in looking at why some of the children’s health measures in Bridlington is not as good as others areas of the country. 

Children’s health is such an important foundation for the rest of their lives. We are wanting to try to identify any issues. so that these can be addressed and to help improve the future health of our population. 

We will continue to update you all as this project develops.

Reminder that from February the local Pharmacy’s are offering more health options for minor ailments and monitoring of some health conditions. Call to check what they can do for you. 

Thank you for your support and keep yours eyes out for our next public meeting.




Bridlington Health Forum

  Let us know about your healthcare needs and experiences  

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