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4. Primary Care Network - % Prevalence of Long-Term Poor-Health

Source date March 2022

The image above shows…..

To the right all seven East Riding Place Primary Care Network (GP’s) from north down to south

On the left a bar-chart showing the percentage prevalence of seven disease types, by PCN

The arrow to the far-left highlights Beverley, East Ridings healthiest PCN in terms of prevalence

A key showing the type of disease (COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

The Beverley “GAP”

Disease prevalence falls dramatically towards the south in Beverley, Harthill and Cygnet PCN’s

Moving towards East Ridings north and peripheries, disease prevalence sharply increases

Disease prevalence peaks in Bridlington, Driffield & Leven with clear geographical links to;

  • Concentrations of deprivation (see also “Insight Deprivation in East Yorkshire”

  • Ageing coastal populations - “Click” to see Health in Coastal Communities

  • Impoverished local community diagnostic facilities and equipment for early diagnosis

  • Inequality of access to treatment through the absence of fully operational coastal hospitals Long-term, embedded community health inequalities with failing healthcare interventions

Please also see “Insights Life Expectancy Gaps in East Yorkshire” Inequality is nothing new; the outgoing East Riding CCG has signalled this since before 2017 Existing NHS strategies, especially for those “already ill” are not delivering needed change

Reducing health inequalities is a matter of fairness and social justice

Both the new NHS Integrated Care System and East Riding Council must act


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