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7. Hospital locations - 1½ Million Miles of Patient Travel

Centralisation of Services and Outpatient Clinics results in inequality of access

Source: (East Riding Map) Source Date: Sep 2022

The image above shows….

East Riding’s boundary and most hospital locations including York Trust’s outside the Riding

Outlined in red, northern communities which should be served at Bridlington DISTRICT Hospital where services have now been withdrawn. Image taken from York Trust website since removed at bottom of insight.

Nine operational hospitals operating at full capacity which now serve East Riding “Place” patients

Four East Riding hospitals in managed decline and no longer able to meet local patient needs

From the map, please note the following….

The south of East Riding is well served in Beverley, at Castle Hill, Hull Royal and Goole to the west

Conversely, northern and coastal communities now lack any adequately operational local hospitals

A quarter of East Riding patients - 80,000 - live in Bridlington and Yorkshire Coast & Wolds PCNs

Northern patients are now mostly required to travel to York Trust’s over-stretched, distant hospitals

Closure of Bridlington Clinics results in huge patient travel (see Insight: Outpatient Clinics)

Less than half of necessary Outpatient appointments are now offered at Bridlington hospital

Patients are now required to travel to other far distant York Trust hospitals to receive healthcare

Annually, northern patients will typically travel 1½ million miles to centralised Outpatient clinics

Within its Constitution the NHS pledges convenient, easy access to services

Image below was previously on York & Scarborough Teaching Trust website:


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