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6. Life Expectancy GAPS in East Yorkshire

The significant Life Expectancy imbalance across East Riding WARDS *

Data for ALL East Riding Wards can be seen by clicking the link above

*Life expectancy data is not available by PCN, data shown is by East Riding Council WARD

Inequality Gaps between East Riding Ward areas

The image below illustrates long-standing, un-addressed and unacceptable health inequalities

Immediately above, the image above shows the longest living residents in Willerby and Kirk Ella. East Ridings BEST and longest life expectancy for both genders.

Here, females will survive their male counterparts by 2.4 years (85.9 less 83.5 years)

At the top, the image above shows Bridlington South, East Ridings shortest living Ward.

WORST life expectancy for Males (left) only 73.6 years, Females (right) 80.4 years

Females will survive their male counterparts (often husbands or partners) by 6.8 years

Bridlington South - Social Impact, Isolation, Loneliness, and Travel Challenges

Here, 1,095 older people live in poverty and 936 people live on their own. click: LINK

The 2017 “Ageing Well” report, page 25 reports 41% of households have no cars LINK

Reliance on public transport creates challenges in travel to distant hospitals

Deprivation and Long-Term Poor Health shorten lives

East Ridings deepest deprivation LINK (see also, Insight Deprivation East Yorkshire)

Long Term Poor Health LINK ( see % Prevalence of Long-Term Poor-Health)

The deprived with no transport and in poor health need, LOCAL, accessible healthcare

Existing NHS strategies, especially for those “already ill” are not delivering needed change

Both the new NHS Integrated Care System and East Riding Council must act


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