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9. NHS Value for Money?

Centralisation of services away from coastal communities results in NHS inefficiency

Data Source: From Freedom of Information Requests Data Extracted: 2022

All data in this insight has been provided by York Trusts Information Governance Team

All appointment volumes detailed relate to Bridlington (YO16, 16) and Driffield (YO25) patients only

Integrated Care Systems Purpose and Key Objectives

NHS cites “Enhancing productivity & value for money” as being one of its key ICS objectives

(See also Insights: Big Changes are affecting the NHS)

Appointments at distant hospitals, in this example Malton, are inherently inefficient.

  • Patients successfully attending distant appointments incur cost and impact the environment Equally

  • If patients cannot attend their appointment then medical professionals time may be lost

  • If patients then suffer delays in treatment, then the time and cost of treatment may increase

The graph above shows….

The percentage of UNFUFILLED appointments, those which the patient did not attend or cancelled

By comparison....

Urology appointments offered locally at Bridlington Hospital are 10% UNFULFILLED

Our suggested first step towards improving value for money?

Offer easy LOCAL patient access to services including Outpatient Clinics


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