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5. Primary Care Network Age Profiles

The significant imbalance of age profiles across East Riding Place PCNs


Because future health planning may be based on PCN Data we have used this, not “Town” data

From the graph, Yorkshire Coast and Wolds (Driffield) and Beverley PCNs have the most patients

This is because PCN data includes additional communities, eg Beverley PCN includes Cottingham

Bridlington “Town” remains to be East Ridings largest and most elderly by volume and percentage

The image above shows….

From the top, more northern geographies, all seven East Riding Place Primary Care Networks

The age-range profile of registered patients by PCN in 20-year segments up to the age of 60 years

Registered patients over the age of 60 years are shown in the bars marked in red for each PCN

Registered Patients over 60 years old

From left to right the graphic shows a disproportionate % variation of older people in differing PCNs

Healthcare needs increase with age

  • As we grow older our healthcare needs are likely to increase in both frequency and complexity

  • Nowhere is this more so than in the north - see “Insights” to Deprivation & Long-Term-Conditions

  • Ageing communities bring significant additional pressures to the primary care GP network

  • Complex and chronic conditions often require additional support in secondary care NHS hospitals

Northern PCN Age Profile, Primary care supported by specialist Secondary Hospital Care

At the top of the chart in Bridlington / Yorkshire Coast & Wolds, see the % higher levels over 60’s. Here, there is a disproportionate imbalance between the elderly and younger, healthier population. Retired patients living in Bridlington’s North Ward result in 44% of residents being over 60 years

Bridlington District Hospital was specifically built to serve 80,000 northern residents health needs. The managed decline of services there results in a socially unjust inequality of access to NHS care

Coastal health inequality is a failure of fairness and social justice

2021 “Click” to see Health in Coastal Communities

Both the new NHS Integrated Care System and East Riding Council must act


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